Experiential Aspects

Nada or sound exerts a powerful influence on one’s mind. It brings about a healthy state of consciousness in an individual. A sense of joy, harmony, flexibility and fulfillment develops. The potency of sound promotes relaxation.  Once the mind and body are relaxed all sorts of healing occurs naturally. The vibrations produced from Nada Yoga practices balance the heart rate, cardio and respiratory system and relax the brain. They also relieve ailments from minor bodily aches and pains to chronic physical and mental conditions. They also reduce anxiety that accompanies extremely powerful and invasive treatments such as chemotherapy.

The study and understanding of Nada in relation to the astral body, mind and spirit will help the practitioners integrate energy, intelligence and clarity.  Scientifically the practice of Nada Yoga has been proven to be beneficial for experiencing the subtle dimensions.  Awareness of Nada Shakti will create awareness of movement and transformation of energy; it will also enhance listening aptitude, as well as create ability to comprehend and express emotional states or moods.  Meditating on various psychophysical centers of the astral body, and regular practice of Nada Yoga also transforms focus on negative energy such as fear, lack of confidence and focus, anxiety and aggression into positive energy and greater awareness of the true self.