Dhrupad is the core of Indian classical music. It is a high art form. This retreat will be focused on learning and practicing the Dhrupad.

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This retreat will be focused on learning the Dhrupad with Pandit Nirmalya Dey. All levels of students will be learning, and Nirmalya will be teaching Dhrupad in the traditional way of the Dagarvani school of Dhrupad as taught by Ustad Zia Farididudding Dagar.


Dhrupad can only be mastered by long term slow and steady practice and by gaining a mastery of the fundamentals over years. The material covered in the retreat will enable the retreatant to practice at home.

Dhrupad is a very refined art form and guruji will be teaching both fundamental and higher aspects of dhrupad. Retreatants will be taught one or more ragas, and the forms of alap, madhya and drut alap and compositions.

The musical fine points of Dhrupad will be elucidated.